Patricia Robinett

ASC principal, Patricia Robinett, was an IBM’er in the 1970s.  You can rest assured that she was thoroughly tested, approved and trained by the best.  Her standards are very high and she has an eye for quality.  She’s been around a long time, has been exposed to many fields, and has learned a variety of skills that she has practiced at length and in depth.  Patricia studied modern American literature and fine arts at the University of Kansas in the 1960s.  She has won awards and sold her writing and artwork.  She is a published author and has two books currently in print.  Working with other authors, Patricia is honest and direct, yet patient, kind and tactful.

Patricia has written and designed signage, articles and advertisements, books, bookmarks, templates, technical manuals, newsletters, forms, mailers, pamphlets, proposals and packaging. She loves computers and makes videos and websites for her own amusement. She is the author of two books which you can Look Inside! at Amazon.com: Knowledge and The Rape of Innocence.

Through the years, she has worked with new and inexperienced writers, English teacher authors, small and large (McGraw Hill) publishing companies, very sophisticated businessmen such as Fortune 500 company presidents and CEOs, accountants and treasurers, attorneys, doctors, psychologists, university scientists and professors, students, artists and computer geeks. They have all appreciated her artistic eye, her editing observations and suggestions and implemented them.

Patricia enjoys people of every description. She looks forward to meeting you and working on your projects.