At your service!

Before you present your new project to the world — either in print or on the web — you want to make sure it communicates clearly to your audience and is designed in a way that reflects well on you. Author Support Co-op (ASC) works closely with creative authors, publishers, and technical writers, in person, by video conferencing or over the phone, to ensure a final product you will be proud of.

We are here to make the journey from initial creative spark to polished final product smooth, fun and pleasant.

What do we do? You can choose some or all of these possibilities:

  • We work closely with you — whether your work is fiction, non-fiction or technical — to make your writing clear and easy to read.
  • We will review your work if it merely needs a final polish.
  • We design beautiful book covers and professional packaging for recording projects.
  • Once complete, we arrange for your project(s) to be printed as ordered at CreateSpace (an company) so you don’t have to make an investment in inventory or ship products yourself — it is all done for you.
  • We make sure your book shows up on with the Look inside! feature.
  • We arrange for your book or CD to be in the distribution channels of major retail booksellers.
  • We digitize your book so you can sell it as an e-book or an Amazon Kindle book.
  • And last but not least, we make a simple blog-style website so you can advertise your book and e-book.

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